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schlafmanko's Journal

See the Egress
(I've identified my interests with uncanny accuracy by examining a list of search strings that brought people to this journal years ago.)
alpaca scams, appletinis, asceticism, bob dole's necronomicon, counterclockwise clocks, dangerous salt water crabs, dilatent compound, eldritch night, elvish wedding gowns, fat-netting, freemason ethnography, homemade ant poison, how to anchor bookshelves, in-n-out hamburger bible verses, invasicare, las vegas buddhists, lemurian santa barbara, liminality and communitas, magnadoodle, michigan tantra, mushroom cloud hats, neat scotch recipe, penis cake decorating, pictures of vidalia onions, plastic tiffany lamps, rocks on toast, tea thermos, ted porn, turkeys and flight, vienna underwasser, walprofen, winnie the pooh songs, yeti dolls